Who is Chat-Zone and what do we do?

The company behind Chat-Zone owns and operates several of the worlds most successful and popular online chat sites. We've been doing this since the late 90's and we're known for providing chat rooms to the masses who do not need to sacrifice personal data to get involved. You do not need to register to anything to access our chat rooms. Anonymity is an important aspect to our service, we want you to let us and other people know as much information as you're willing, and will not force you to disclose anything that you're not comfortable with which is what differentiates us from other popular social media platforms.

What is the purpose of Chat-Zone?

This website is a proof of concept for our entire network of free chat services. The chat application on Chat-Zone will one day replace the existing chat software we utilize on our other chat room services. We wanted to give our loyal user base the ability to peek into the future and see what will become of the chat site they use every day. We want you to have the ability to point out flaws, make suggestions and give us feedback on your new home.

Can we use Chat-Zone to just chat?

Yes of course, although this project is entirely to generate feedback to help us better our chat software and provide a better chat experience for all our websites, we plan on keeping Chat-Zone live and accessible so users if they want to can use it for chatting to others. As we update and streamline our network of chat rooms in the future, Chat-Zone will pave the way and be our testing grounds to make sure we continue to deliver a high quality service to our users for decades to come, like we've done so in the past.